Buy Online

Now more than ever it is easy to buy online at Bayshore CDJR. Shopping for your next vehicle online is as easy as 1-2-3!

Compare and explore payment options between multiple vehicles with Online Shopper. Switch between, financing, leasing, or cash to customize your payment options and get real time updates. Then, when your ready, select your vehicle and start the buying process entirely online. You can even add optional information to make things even easier! Then we will reach out to help finalize your deal.

In addition we are offering:

  • Service Valet with delivery at no additional charge
  • Over the Phone Application Process: We will be able to review your application over the phone. Giving you details such as down payments, monthly payments and helping you select which vehicles fit into your budget.
  • Customized Video Walk Arounds: We can send you a video of the car! We will be sure to point out all the vehicle has to offer, even any flaws or blemishes!

We are following all CDC guidelines to ensure your safety we are also offering test drives delivered right to you and when your ready to make a purchase we will deliver your vehicle right to your door for free!

Check out this brief video explaining the process: